How to Find Peace in the Pandemic

Pandemic isn't a word that brings peace to our souls. There’s so much we don’t know; so much has been put on hold, postponed, and cancelled, possibly never to return. Bogus advice mingles with crucial information and it’s easy to get lost in a maze of media coverage....

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10 Things I Learned this Autumn

I've decided to join Emily P Freeman in a time of looking back with intention and discovering what I've learned over the last three months.  As Emily says, it's a time "where we pause to reflect on the past season before we move ahead into the future. “It’s not the...

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How to be thankful when you’re not!

Figuring out how to be thankful when you're not is tricky. We're Brits in the USA and so we came to this land of dreams with absolutely no idea what to do over Thanksgiving. It seemed every family had their own traditions that involved varying amounts of football...

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Embrace the Journey

As the rip tide swept me out to sea and one wave after another broke over me just as I came up for air, I didn't think I was going to make it. I could barely breathe. That feeling of hanging on for dear life, of barely surviving, returned at the lowest point of my...

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You want me to share what!!??

Thanks to Brene Brown we know that vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage but is it all it's cracked up to be? Is it helpful and even healing? This week my friend Maria Furlough takes chapter 6 of my book Breathe Again titled Be Vulnerable: Stiff Upper...

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A Vow to Never Go It Alone

Community can be both beautiful and terrifying, healing and unfortunately, often our greatest source of pain. So how do we navigate it when life falls apart? Should we shy away and protect ourselves, vowing to not trust others and let them into our pain or lean in and...

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Brave is a choice

When was the last time you felt brave, truly brave? And how can we be brave when our world falls apart? If you've read Breathe Again you know I talk about choosing brave and you've already met Becky. If not, you're going to love my gritting, say-it-as-it-is honest...

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Practice Makes Better Not Perfect

Have you ever taken a look at yourself and focused solely on the parts of you that are strong and brave? If you're like me the answer is a firm, heck no!! The thought of not just taking a good look at yourself, but asking others to do the same, fills you with dread....

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Full Life vs Filtered Life

Are we being sold a fast one, friends? Do you believe a whole heap of rubbish about yourself and God that's holding you back from grabbing hold of everything He has for you, no matter what life's thrown at you? If you're anything like me the answer's yes, YES,...

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