Practice Makes Better Not Perfect

Have you ever taken a look at yourself and focused solely on the parts of you that are strong and brave? If you're like me the answer is a firm, heck no!! The thought of not just taking a good look at yourself, but asking others to do the same, fills you with dread....

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Full Life vs Filtered Life

Are we being sold a fast one, friends? Do you believe a whole heap of rubbish about yourself and God that's holding you back from grabbing hold of everything He has for you, no matter what life's thrown at you? If you're anything like me the answer's yes, YES,...

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I Hope You Don’t Want to Come With Us!

As you may know, I start my book, Breathe Again, with an introduction titled "I'm sorry you're here ... no wait, I take that back." Why on earth would I do that? Why would a brand new author, who doesn't know one end of the publishing industry from another (that will...

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When you get a brain tumor in high school

What would I have done if, as a spotty, self-conscious, fourteen-year-old, a brain tumor had been discovered hiding just below my braids?  I’ve no idea, other than freak out, but my friend Grace doesn’t have to imagine.  When pain paints over every inch of our lives,...

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Does God Really Love Me?

Sitting in the cold, sterile doctor's room the words "We found a 5cm tumor and it's either cancer or lymphoma" left me bewildered.  All I managed to utter was a weak and rather bemused, "Oh." I'm still not sure whether it was denial or the anesthesia drugs still...

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Easter Makes Your Scars Beautiful

I've Googled "How to get rid of scars" more than I like to admit. Cancer, three babies and an emergency appendectomy have left me with a mosaic of physical scars, but I've got emotional scars and one or two spiritual ones thrown in for good measure too. How about you?...

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