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Because life doesn’t have to be pain-free to be full.

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Meeting you when life’s not fair so you can thrive, not just survive.

10 Powerful Promises For When Life Stinks

Are you drowning in a life you didn’t sign up for?

Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and hurt?

These 10 powerful promises will remind you of God’s love and give you hope and peace when life’s anything but fair.

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Hi! I’m Niki.

A Brit in the USA, avid tea drinker and dog lover, who longs to see women live life to the full, no matter what comes their way.

After losing my mum and my sister to cancer and then being diagnosed with rectal cancer myself (yes, rectal!) I decided I didn’t want to just survive, I wanted to thrive.Jesus said He came to give us life in all it’s fullness and I was determined to find it, even amongst the rubble of my cancer and grief.

I discovered life doesn’t have to be pain free to be full and friend, if I can live life to the full, so can you.

Thriving is a team sport and we’re in this together.

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