How to leave a podcast review (and why it’s a good idea)

When we listen to a podcast we love we want to tell others about helpful or entertaining it is and support the podcast host.

By hitting subscribe, leaving a five star rating and writing a review, you do both of those things at the same time.

YAY! Double win!

When people discover a podcast checking out the number of 5 star ratings and reading the reviews is often the deciding factor in whether they think it’s worth a listen.

So by quickly doing this you could be helping someone connect with God in the midst of their cancer journey. Isn’t that wonderful?

How to leave a review on iTunes

1. Open the Apple Podcast App on your phone:

If you listen to a lot of podcasts you might have the app on your home screen like me. Otherwise you can search for it by using your phone’s search bar.

When you’ve found it, click the podcast app image.

2. Find the Chemo Chair Prayers Podcast:

To search for a podcast hit the little magnifying glass image in the bottom corner (that’s the search tool) and then type Chemo Chair Prayers into the search bar. You’ll see the image pop up in the options below.

Tap the image to open the podcast.

3. Subscribe to the podcast:

This step is optional but it will help you not miss an episode and you might as well do it while you’re here.

You’ll thank yourself later as it makes finding the podcast again SO much easier!

4. Write your review:

Scroll down to the section titled Ratings & Reviews and tap Write a Review. Hit five stars and then write a couple of sentences about what you love most about the podcast – maybe how it’s helped you or your favorite episode.

Tap Send, and you’re done!

5. Share it with the world!

Why not take a moment to text a friend, share the podcast with your friends on social media or email you cancer support group about it. 

If you do, be sure to let me know as I’d love to thank you in person.




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