Have you ever taken a look at yourself and focused solely on the parts of you that are strong and brave? If you’re like me the answer is a firm, heck no!!

The thought of not just taking a good look at yourself, but asking others to do the same, fills you with dread. But that’s exactly why I sneaked the question into the end of chapter 3 of Breathe Again.

I wanted us to see that we are braver and stronger than we could ever imagine.

My friend Lucretia Barry followed through, asked the question and was surprised by who she met when she did.

You’ll want to read on and see what happens.

The assignment.

Ask a few people who know you well what they think your biggest strengths are and where they see you being brave in the midst of what you’re dealing with.

I followed the instructions as Niki laid out at the end of chapter three. Honestly, I was afraid to pose the question to those closest to me. My reservation was not because of what they might or might not say. My friends are beautiful people, so I knew they would respond with encouraging words.

I was reluctant to ask them the question because I didn’t want to interrupt their day.

My husband is a busy businessman. His time is reserved for clients all over the nation. My friend is a teacher at an elementary school, whose attention is solely focused on the little learners in her class. My other friend is an artist and work-from-home-mom of four, whose care is in constant demand. And my mom, well I am still amazed at how she is less available as a retiree than she was when she worked a full time job.

I didn’t think that they should be interrupting the rhythm and demands of their day on my behalf. “They don’t have time,” I thought.

And I didn’t believe that I was worthy of the encouraging words that they would write back.

You can read the rest of Lucretia’s story HERE

Lucretia is the creator of brownicity.com, an (In)courage contributor, a wife, and mom of 3. As a former college professor learning to courageously create the world she knows is possible, she has self-published a book and rocked a TED Talk.
You can find on social media at @lucretiaberry and @brownicity

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