I’ve been thinking a lot about pain and suffering recently, have you?

With the Florida school shooting fresh in our minds it’s hard not to think about it and when we are personally staring it in the eye in our own lives questions rise about God, evil, and why these things happen.

Pain is out there, affecting millions of people, shouting from our news screens, and yet it’s also in here, screaming through our hearts.

Pain is personal, isn’t it?

For my friend Grace her pain has been driven by her brain tumors. She’s had five brain surgeries. FIVE!

How does she cope? How does she hold fast in the midst of it?

You can read her story to find out here and see what she does and do it too to help you find some peace in the pain.

Thinking about people’s pain and especially MY heartache, I often wonder, do I really want to worship the kind of God that allows such suffering to happen to ME!

Do you ever whisper that in the dark of night?

Would you jump at the chance to stand eye to eye with God and ask what on earth He’s playing at? I would.

This is what Lee Strobel has to say about why God allows tragedy and suffering.

So when tragedy strikes, as it will; when suffering comes, as it will; when you’re wrestling with pain, as you will—and when you make the choice to run into his arms, here’s what you’re going to discover: you’ll find peace to deal with the present, you’ll find courage to deal with your future, and you’ll find the incredible promise of eternal life in heaven.

I agree.

In fact, I spoke in church on Sunday a while ago and tackled the question, What Kind of God Allows Suffering?

I examined the standard Christian response (the theology)  and then because theology goes only so far when our hearts are breaking, I went beyond it to look at God’s response to our personal pain. Psychologist Martin Seligman speaks of the three P’s that hold us back from recovering and therefore compound our suffering; Personalization, Pervasiveness, and Permanence. Where is God in these? What does He have to say?

You can download my answer HERE and discover what kind of God He is and where He is in the midst of our pain?



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