Are we being sold a fast one, friends?

Do you believe a whole heap of rubbish about yourself and God that’s holding you back from grabbing hold of everything He has for you, no matter what life’s thrown at you?

If you’re anything like me the answer’s yes, YES, YESSSSSS!!

What we need is some good ol’ fashioned truth to nip these niggling mind games in the bud.

Those lies that shout until we don’t know which way is up, need to be silenced and put in their place.

Am I right?

As we carry on with the Breathe Again Online Book Tour my friend and author of Everything’s Under Control, Jennifer Dukes Lee, dives into chapter 2 – The Truth We Need When Our World is Rocked.

You’re not going to want to miss this. Here’s how she begins …

I went on Instagram this afternoon, which isn’t anything unusual for me, let’s be honest. Instagram is probably my social-media platform of choice, and I enjoy indulging in a guilt-free scroll there now and again.

But once in a while, I catch myself feeling those old feelings of “not enough” because Instagram is the one place where you can feel like you don’t measure up, simply by sliding your forefinger up a screen.

In the squares scrolling by, I see:

  • a woman who is killin’ it with her hand-lettered art.
  • a mom who managed to create the most gorgeous outdoor, princess-themed birthday party for her little girl.
  • a couple toasting champagne on a yacht, while celebrating their anniversary
  • a business owner announcing that she just hit 100,000 followers on Instagram
  • a home that looks like it could have been ripped right out of a Joanna Gaines book.

It would be burdensome enough if we thought we had to be like one of those women. But what happens is this: we think we need to be ALL of those women.

We gather up all those squares in our minds, stack them on top of one another, and suddenly we believe this: I need to be all of that.

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