As soon as I was diagnosed with rectal cancer I was inundated with memoirs, devotionals, and how to survive cancer books. They were all inspirational and encouraging but what I really needed was a down to earth friend who’d been where I was to tell me HOW to do all the things these books said I should/could do.

How to trust God when it felt like He’d forgotten about me (or was mad at me, I couldn’t tell which).

How to stop the merry-go-round of fear circling in my brain.

How to laugh when all I wanted to do was cry.

How to process the theology I knew to be true and the reality of what was going on in my body.

How to breathe again when I felt like I was drowning.

How to let God be God.

If you’ve been through or are going through anything really tough right now you know how I felt. Perhaps you’ve got a mortgage bill you can’t pay, a teenager you’re pretty sure is sneaking out, a friend has died way before their time, or you’re worried you’ll always be single and your biological clock refuses to slow down.

What ever’s caused your world to fall apart I know these books will help. Like a practical friend who’s been down the road you’re on, they offer encouragement, advice, practical tips and tools, and someone to sit with you as you battle on.

Here’s more about them
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Sacred Ground Sticky Floors: How Less-Than-Perfect Parents Can Raise (Kind of) Great Kids

“If, like me, you’ve stepped on a Lego while barefoot, it can be difficult to wrap your mind around the divine qualities of the path beneath your feet.” Jami Amerine

Come find the miracle in the mayhem.

As moms, we know we’ve messed up in so many ways. Royally. Maybe you think you’ve failed your children, your spouse, and your God. But did you know that in the midst of your failures and fears, you are still loved—royally? As a child of noble birth? Do you believe your children are in better hands than your own and that you don’t need to hold on so desperately?

Jami Amerine, author of Stolen Jesus, delivers a totally relatable account of her hilarious and honest experiences and misadventures in motherhood. She’s eager to help you see how to let your Heavenly Father parent you, so you can embrace peace as you parent your children.

Come meet with the One whose presence turns sticky floors into sacred ground.

Choosing Real: an Invitation To Celebrate When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

In Choosing REAL, author Bekah Pogue walks with us into life’s unplanned circumstances–specifically frantic schedules, pain, transition, feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, and tension–and reminds us it is in these.very.moments where God invites us to notice, respond, and even celebrate an authentic relationship with Him through every.little.detail despite our own efforts or work. The result? A connection between real life and faith so that they are one and the same.

When we enjoy God’s company first–the heavenly Creator will transform our minds to view our schedules, work, relationships, parenting, and responsibilities as opportunities to dance in life’s storms and honor how beautiful simple can be. Better than our ideal party, it is He who is inviting us, setting the table, breathing peace and freedom into details we aren’t in control of. When we recognize how He surprises us by using our greatest pains and detours to draw us to a beautiful dependence on Him–freedom and peace replace control and worry.

Put aside what-could-be and instead embrace what is? The invitation is yours. . .choose Real today.


Breaking the Fear Cycle: How To Find Peace For Your Anxious Heart

It seems there is more to fear now than ever, but fear and anxiety are nothing new to human beings–or to God. The Bible calls us to not be afraid on many occasions, and of course, we all want to live without fear. But just how is that accomplished when every news item seems designed to get us wringing our hands?

Using her own story as a catalyst, Maria Furlough shows readers how to overcome fear for good. She calls readers to make a list of their fears, to choose to bring those fears to God rather than acting on them, and to trust God with the future. She shows how when we give God full control over our lives, choosing his sovereignty over our own ability, we can break the cycle of fear, grow through suffering, and trust God to fulfill his promises of protection and peace.

Anyone who is filled with anxiety over their personal circumstances, the state of the world today, or even their fear-clogged social media feeds will welcome this hands-on journey from fear to freedom.

Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving With Hope After Miscarriage Or Loss

Though one in four pregnancies ends in loss, miscarriage is shrouded in such secrecy and stigma that the woman who experiences it often feels deeply isolated, unsure how to process her grief. Her body seems to have betrayed her. Her confidence in the goodness of God is rattled. Her loved ones don’t know what to say. Her heart is broken. She may feel guilty, ashamed, angry, depressed, confused, or alone.

With vulnerability and tenderness, Adriel Booker shares her own experience of three consecutive miscarriages, as well as the stories of others. She tackles complex questions about faith and suffering with sensitivity and clarity, inviting women to a place of grace, honesty, and hope in the redemptive purposes of God without offering religious clichés and pat answers. She also shares specific, practical resources, such as ways to help guide children through grief, suggestions for memorializing your baby, and advice on pregnancy after loss, as well as a special section for dads and loved ones.

All four of these books are like a good friend who’s been where you are. They’re down to earth, real and super helpful. I hope you enjoy them and they encourage you in whatever you’re dealing with.

No one gets to skip the tough stuff but equally no one need battle on alone.

No one gets to skip the tough stuff but equally, no one need battle on alone. Click To Tweet

As ever the best conversations happen in the comments. Let me know, what book looks enticing to you and what do you need to hear most right now?


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