Whether you were diagnosed yesterday, last week, last month or you’ve been on you’ve been on this cancer journey a while now, you’ll be all too familiar with times of not knowing.

We wait for test results, not knowing if they’ll show the cancer’s back or spread or we’ll get the all clear.

We don’t know how we’ll tolerate the chemo, we don’t know how our kids are going to be impacted by seeing us sick, we don’t know if or when we’ll ever get better.

There are SO many unknowns.

As cancer survivors we just can’t seem to shake them and if we’re not careful they not only become all consuming but, as I’ve heard from so many of you, they easily spiral into fear, what-ifs, sleepless nights and as we talked about in Ep 8 catastrophizing.

So what are we meant to do?

It’s not like we can change anything – unknowns are a reality we have to live with.

So how do we do that without letting them consume us?

And, more importantly, can we use them to our advantage and put them to work building our faith and trust in God?

Well, once a month we’re adding a slightly new format to our CCP devotion called Chemo Chair Chats where I’ll be doing a short interview with someone who can speak directly into the topic we’re tackling before they lead us through our TRUST Prayer practice. I know you’re going to love hearing from my guests who not only get it but have a wealth of wisdom and practical advice to share.

And our first guest is Marissa Henley who knows all about living in the unknowns of cancer.

Marissa’s a cancer survivor, and latte addict who loves helping women dig into the truth of God’s Word. She is the author of Loving Your Friend through Cancer: Moving Beyond “I’m Sorry” to Meaningful Support and serves on the writing team for Proverbs 31 Ministries’ First 5 app. She lives in northwest Arkansas with her husband, three kids, and one disobedient dog.

What are you struggling to trust God with most? 

Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to reply. xx

Listen HERE to Episode #12::

Meet Marissa at www.marissahenley.com
Read her book – http://bit.ly/lyftcmh
Follow her facebook – www.facebook.com/marissalhenley
Check out First 5 – www.first5.org

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