As the rip tide swept me out to sea and one wave after another broke over me just as I came up for air, I didn’t think I was going to make it. I could barely breathe.

That feeling of hanging on for dear life, of barely surviving, returned at the lowest point of my cancer journey and it creeps back in when life chucks too much at me or I just can’t seem to see my way forward.

My friend Katie feels like that in the midst of work, parenting, and the unexpected path life has her on at the moment.

Our lives don’t need to be in danger to feel like we’re stuck in survival mode. But what are we meant to do?

In this week’s Breathe Again Blog Tour Katie M Reid dives into chapter 7 Embrace the Journey: Even the detours, diversions and dead ends.


Here’s Katie…

It has been a challenging season. As we navigate back-to-school and sport schedules, it feels a bit like swimming upstream in white-capped rapids–one step forward, two steps back, as you try to keep your head above water. Coincidently, one of our kiddos is a swimmer.

During one of Brooke’s swim meets, she was assigned to swim the 500-meter race. That’s 20 laps! After lap 5 she wanted to quit (I don’t blame her one iota). But she kept going, steadily, one lap and then the next.

On top of the hum and buzz of busy life, I recently faced some unexpected twists and turns at work.

At first these vocational detours felt like a dead-end. I was going one way and then (enter the sound your car makes when you cross the rumble strips) all of sudden I encountered a barrier that impeded forward motion.

What was being asked of me felt daunting. It was like being asked to swim the 500 when you already struggle with the 100-meter race.

Needless to say, I didn’t expect it or like it.

I was going along, swimmingly and then BAM! I hit a wall I hadn’t seen before.

Forward motion is my friend. Productivity fuels me. When I am forced to stay put, I feel kind of lost. I’m not sure what to do when idle.


Read the rest of Katie’s story HERE and find out how she’s “learning to to let God handle the things I cannot overcome on my own strength and lean into His power to uphold me through it.”

Katie M. Reid is a devoted wife and mom to five lively children. She has a Masters Degree is Secondary Education and is the author of, Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done. Katie is the co-host of The Martha + Mary Show podcast. In addition, she and her husband, Adam, host a quirky live show for married couples called, “Stop! Hammock Time.” Discover how to stress less and smile more at katiemreid.com and text MARTHA to 345345 to sign-up for Katie’s uplifting email newsletter. 


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