When was the last time you felt brave, truly brave?

And how can we be brave when our world falls apart?

If you’ve read Breathe Again you know I talk about choosing brave and you’ve already met Becky. If not, you’re going to love my gritting, say-it-as-it-is honest friend who’s story I share in chapter 4. It’s an extraordinary story but she’s the first to say she’s quite ordinary. No different to you and me.

Brave is simply the choice she makes. Every. Single. Day.

As we continue our romp though the Breathe Again Online book tour here’s a snippet of her story and dive into.chapter 4, Choose Brave: It doesn’t need to be big, just intentional

Here’s Becky,

I’m not exaggerating when I say my life feels more like a Lifetime movie than reality.

My dad died eight hours after giving birth to my first kid.

My husband battled one kind of cancer the year we were engaged and died from another kind a month before our kid number two was born.

I live with anxiety and depression and sometimes suffer from debilitating panic attacks.

And then there are the smaller, but equally traumatizing moments of life: the time I had H1N1 while my husband had meningitis or the time he had a severe case of appendicitis the day I got in a car accident or the year we couch surfed because what we though was an electrical fire on apartment move in day turned out to be an apartment scam.

That’s not even counting the kinds of yucky days everyone experiences.

The struggle to get through the work day when you’re sick.

The isolation of living thousands of miles away from family.

The fears of starting a new career or finding that first job out of college.

The disappointment of another romantic relationship or friendship ending.

The pain of life not turning out how you had hoped or expected.

On my worst days, I wonder what happened. When did I draw the short straw and who allotted all this extra trauma and stress to me? How on earth will I live to old age when I had already experienced more trauma and loss by 30 than most people ever will?

I try not to resent the people that hear my story, gasp, and exclaim, “You are so brave! I could never handle all that!”

The only way I handled it all is because I had to.

Courage is not the same thing as being fearless.

You can read the rest of Becky’s amazing story and encouragement that you too are brave HERE


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