When Jesus Sleeps in the Storm

No one gets to skip the tough. Am I right or AM I RIGHT? My friend Adriel has lived through some stormy waters and I'm so glad she's sharing of her wisdom here today. Read on and soak in her wisdom, especially if the storm waters are rising and you feel like you could...

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How to be Thankful When you’re not

Sometimes I just don’t feel thankful. Call me a spoiled brat, but don’t we all feel like that occasionally? Especially when life’s hard - really hard. Despite the Hallmark sentiments and overstuffed turkeys, sometimes we just can’t summon the energy, let alone the...

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How to Handle Anything Life Throws at You

We've heard it before, "No one gets to skip the tough stuff in life." "Everybody's got something." We get it. But when that someone is you, and that something keeps you up at night or sets you off crying in the checkout line, the quips and easy off the tongue lines...

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Rest: A Gift or Punishment?

Hi friend, this is Week #8 of the Made Like Martha Mobile Book Club and if this is your first time to my little corner of cyberspace, welcome. Make yourself at home. I wish I could make you a cup of tea but pull up a chair anyway, put your feet up, and relax because...

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What I learned this summer

September is about to land on us and I'm totally ready. I'm ready for sweat to stop dripping from under my boobs, my hair to not frizz at the mere thought of exiting a building, and yes, for the kids to be back at school. Guys, it's jeans, boots and cozy sweater...

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3 Things Rectal Cancer Taught Me

Rectal cancer isn't sexy and doesn't come with a pretty pink bow. In fact, it's a pain in the a$$, literally, but despite everything; the chemo, radiation, ostomy bag, nausea (I don't need to go on, you get the picture) my life is better today thanks to what the Big C...

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