Easter Makes Your Scars Beautiful

I’ve Googled “How to get rid of scars” more than I like to admit. Cancer, three babies and an emergency appendectomy have left me with a mosaic of physical scars, but I’ve got emotional scars and one or two spiritual ones thrown in for good...

Dear Freshly Diagnosed

The only sound to come out of my mouth was a whispered, “Oh.” “We’ve found a 5cm tumor and it’s either cancer or lymphoma.” “Oh” It sounds kind of limp, especially as I’m not known for my muted, low key responses,...
A Hilarious Colonoscopy Journal

A Hilarious Colonoscopy Journal

In honor of colorectal cancer awareness month and to persuade you there’s absolutely no reason to put off getting screened I’m sharing this hilarious colonoscopy journal written by Dave Barry.  I called my friend Andy Sable, a gastroenterologist, to make...
Feeling God’s love, not just knowing it

Feeling God’s love, not just knowing it

If I’m honest I don’t know God loves me. Maybe I should clarify: I know God loves me, but I don’t KNOW God loves me. Clear as mud, right? Here’s the thing, my head knows God loves me. I’ve been told how much ever since I first asked Him to come into my messed up life...

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