Hi! I’m Niki

Let’s Find More, Together

I’m all about helping you squeeze the juice out of life no matter what gets thrown your way. Doesn’t that sound good?

If you’re like me, and I assume you are, when life slaps you around the face you hunker down and battle on, your stiff upper lip firmly in place (Brits have stiff upper lips – what do Americans have?). You tell yourself and everyone except a few close peeps you’re fine, when you’re anything but.

We ugly cry in the shower, struggle to pray, then soldier on. We laugh when all we want to do is scream.

We put life on hold until we’re through our grief, cancer, break up, depression or whatever else has shattered our world.

And we’re left merely surviving a life we didn’t sign up for. It’s no fun at all. (A British understatement of biblical proportion).

How do I know? Because I was there.



Having lost my mum and sister to cancer I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Yup you read that right, rectal cancer. It’s not sexy and doesn’t come with a pretty pink bow but there it was – a tumor the size of a double stuffed oreo up where the sun doesn’t shine. Had the heat seeking missle of death locked in on me? Had I done something to deserve this? Was God off answering the prayers of women who didn’t scream at their kids or tell rude jokes at bible study?

Then I met some folks who called themselves cancer thrivers, not cancer survivors.

I wanted that. Thriving sounded so much more alive, hopeful and dusted with sprinkles, than the life I was merely surviving.

So I set out to learn how to do the same and share what I learned.

Life still stunk like a week old tuna sandwich but I was learning to hold hands with both the good and bad. Joy and pain. Laughter and tears. Loveliness and friendship. Doubts and faith. Peace and fear. Hope and worry. Chemo and cookies.

Friend, it really is possible to thrive, not just survive, when life beats you up, steals your joy and poops on you from a great height.

Would you like to do the same?

Are you ready to stop merely surviving and start thriving where you are?

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Don’t think for one minute that I’ve found the golden unicorn of life and I now live in a constant state of bliss, soaking in God’s abundance. Far from it.

Adjusting is hard. Stuff rocks my world on a regular basis and I don’t always handle it well. I’m still sarcastic, mildly passive aggressive, and prone to hissy fits and dog kicking when things get bad, but I’m thriving a little bit more each day and that’s my prayer for you too.

Little known facts about me:

  • I can’t wink. No I really can’t. I just blink, so please don’t ask.
  • I’d rather run trails with my dogs than get my nails done.
  • My only claim to fame is being in the same class as actress Rachel Weisz (who’s married to Daniel Craig).
  • I once got swept out to sea by a rip tide and nearly drowned.
  • I stole a bra. A very unsexy bra.
  • My American accent is absolutley terrible.