What to Do When You’re Angry with God

What to Do When You’re Angry with God

If God had a face, I’d have punched it. That’s how angry I was. My anger wasn’t a red hot, raging anger, but a smoldering slow burn, built up over time, corroding my heart and soul, straining our relationship. I’d lost my mum and then my sister to cancer. Now it was...

Is There Anyone Else There?

Trusting God isn’t Easy, but it IS a Choice. There’s an old story that tells of a young man who tripped and fell while taking an early morning walk along the cliff tops above the ocean. Suddenly he found himself hurtling towards the jagged rocks below. Half way...

Fear Fighting: Beating The Beast of Worry

As New Year’s Eve approached and 2016 began to dwindle I meant to do so much; transfer dreams from my heart to tangible goals on paper, choose a “Word” for 2017, write more, post more, ask you dear friends what you’re going through and how I...

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